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Learning-Outlet started by creating the "Number Zones" Game to help students learn probability in math. High school students use the Number Zones game for statistics, inference, prediction and elementary students learn counting, addition, pairing. Soon we discovered it's fun for the whole family ~ 5 year old through grand parent age all play together!

The All-Star Math Game was our next game we created. Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division. Designed for kids with different math skills to all play together! Therefore a child that is adding can play with a child who can multiply. Schools are using the All-Star Math Game for competitions! Teachers requested more so we created the expansion boxes of fractions and algebra (order of operations). All-Star Math now goes from just learning to add all the way to algebra!

   Learning-Outlet is family owned and operated 

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Clearance, for sale. Click clearance page to see all items. Free local delivery (no shipping) to the following cities in WA State....  LaCenter, Longview, Kelso, Ridgefield, Vancouver, Woodland. Other cities can make arrangements to pick up: Camas, Castle Rock, Mossyrock, Astoria, Toledo, Battle Ground, Chehalis, Tenino, Toutle Lake, Clatskanie etc.   Purchases must be a total of $30.00 or more. School Purchase Orders Accepted. To order send an email to Teresa at T.Woodland.Grace@gmail.com

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